Yoga and Oregano

Those whom the gods will kill, they first make crazy with browsers? I had a difficult time yesterday with new editor. Maybe a browser issue. Anyway, you don't need to know all that. Let's get on with reconstructing the blog I hoped to release yesterday.

First, a little something from Al. Thousands of people have been listening to his tracks on Spotify so here are some of the favourites. I asked for 3, but I guess you know what musicians are like. So there's 5. Not too scary.

AL's Spotify Faves

Yoga with Prasant

I suppose the really relaxing aspect of the lockin was that we always knew what we were doing because it was always basically the same.  Tuesday is shopping day, Friday is house cleaning and everybody's happy! Oh and there are the yoga Zooms - my favourite set up is at the kitchen end of the ground floor room.  The laptop is on the table opposite.  Today was the first class with Prasant Iyengar, teaching from the Institute in Pune.  A few technical problems but very special to be taught by him without having to go to India.  Also lovely to see Abhijata as she experimented with the acoustics for tomorrow.  Also to see the studio where I have spent so many hours.  The sense of connection with the Iyengar yoga community has been incredible.  A really unexpected Lockdown gift.

Oregano grows like a weed here in Crete.  We had 3 huge bunches waiting for processing and this was definitely the evening to do it.  Just the sound of the crickets and the gentle gurgle of the pool filters!  Al volunteered to prepare the dry bunches and make them 'jar ready'.



What's Al watching?   Try the click.  Might work!  Haven't tried this before!


Coming Soon: Night Snorkel, unless the wind comes up - up me, that is.

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