Quarantine Day 11/14

So Tired!

Oh dear. Really not enough sleep. It’s 0715 and we’ve been up for 2 hours without much happening except 2 cups of tea, recycling (several years Sound on Sound mags), veg delivery from Riverford. I can’t quite understanding what is happening with food.

Grocer Jack

So far we have been back for just over 2 weeks, and have had 3 Waitrose deliveries with another one due this morning. Also 3 Riverford deliveries. And the fridge still seems a bit empty. In Crete I shopped for the week every Tuesday, first the greengrocer where I would spend around 30 Euros (pronounced Evro, in case you ever need to know that). Then the supermarket for everything else. Average spend here around 100 (I can’t even find Euro on my keyboard this morning.). I haven’t quite worked out the UK bills but it feels like more.

I have a ZOOM yoga class at 0800 so short blog today. Maybe I will write about that tomorrow.

Why Day11? Oh because we, along with a lot of other people, haven’t received test results. Omnishambles doesn’t even cover it. So we will complete 14 days. Actually Quarantine or not doesn’t feel very different. More about that on Day 15 perhaps!

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