Quarantine Day 14

Last day of quarantine was Saturday. Now we can go out into the world tomorrow, I rather feel as though my shell is being peeled away. Of course, the house move is scary, as our new shell has not grown yet. A lot of decisions, paperwork, legwork etc etc to do in the next 2 weeks, so I won’t necessarily be writing a daily blog, although it is helpful to sit down at the keyboard and feel that this time can be shared a bit. Some of you respond as if it is a personal email, which of course it is. I think of you out there reading this, and appreciate your reactions. After all, you are my friends: the group that I have made for blog posts is called ‘Friends of Snork Maiden’.

Actually, I am finding Tove Jansson helpful in this rather stressful time, as I try to find my courage.

Music Links

There is always a music link somewhere in the blog, but maybe not always obvious. Sometimes the illustrations have links, usually they appear below the title. Best, if you can, choose to open them in a separate tab so you can listen and read simultaneously.

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